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    Henry Giannakopoulos

    Desperately Seeking Suzi 2 piece Hardtop Canopy

    Hey Gang
    Anyone have or know of where to find a Hardtop Canopy for my 92 Sierra SJ413...

    Henry Giannakopoulos 20-08-2016, 04:06 PM Go to last post
    Troy Campbell

    Second hand muddies

    Make sure the tyres you buy are not too old. Rubber doesn't age very well. 8 years is generally the use by date for tyres. Every tyre has a date code

    Troy Campbell 17-08-2016, 07:34 PM Go to last post
    Wayne Waddington

    Suzuki Jimny 5"Flares

    There's a dedicated Facebook page for Jimny owners which is full of information just like what you want. Join, post a question and you'll probably have

    Wayne Waddington 17-08-2016, 07:02 PM Go to last post
    Chris Lloyd

    Second hand muddies

    Thank you Peter. May have been Milperra. Starts with an m. That's close for me. I'll give them a call

    Chris Lloyd 16-08-2016, 10:33 PM Go to last post
  • Welcome

    Club Members think you know your forbie?
    Think you are pretty good judging distances and a pro' at wheel placement?

    Come put your truck where your mouth is and have a some great fun at the same time!

    Lots of fun events will be held at the Funkhana, September 2 & 3, and it gives you a chance to hone your skills for Zukana on the October long weekend.

    If you are new to the club, it's a great way of practicing and gaining confidence in your vehicle and abilities ... think of it as driver training with some laughs thrown in .

    There's plenty of space to camp, room for the kids to run amok and as usual there will be a big campfire to socialise around. You can get in on the events, or simply relax with friends.

    Got a family member who doesn't like to camp? Book them into the Hampton Halfway Hotel, just a short stroll from Funkhana.

    Got a family member who can't cook ... or whose menu doesn't extend past 2-minute noodles and sausages? There's great espresso and cakes at the hotel too.
    (This is hint for us ladies to do a sneaky reccie up there ... )

    Make sure you book in on the club website and call the hotel if you are after a room.

    Letís make this a great weekend Ö see you there!

    Book in Now!

    Book In Here

    40th Anniversary Year - Show and Shine Winner

    Laith Day - Jimny

    40th Anniversary Year

    More about 40th anniversary events throughout the year
    Just click here to see the full program of celebrations for 2016

    More about the Club

    The Suzuki 4 Wheel Drive Club of New South Wales Inc is a four wheel drive, camping and bush touring club. It promotes driver skill, bush craft, physical fitness, mechanical ability and all-round resourcefulness. Like any other outdoor form of recreation, we promote an appreciation of the environment, and the responsibility for looking after it.

    I'd like to know more about the club

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  • What if I don't drive a Suzuki?

    Xl7 in sandDiscovery Don't drive a Suzuki! That's OK we accept members with all makes of 4WDs. It's all about fun, the bush and getting out on trips!