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    Have you started packing the Zook yet? If not, get onto it as you've only got a few days left to get ready! The weather forecast is looking great, and there's been a lot of hard work going on behind the scenes to get things ready. We've had some other clubs book in, so it should be fun weekend of friendly competition!

    Bringing the kids? There will be plenty of stuff for them to do and lots of space for them to tire themselves out ... parental bliss!

    A Happy Hour is being organised by the lovely Lani, and the gang have been plotting some fun events ... as well as a few for those wanting something a little more testing.

    Remember, you'll need to bring your own water but there will be portaloos onsite ... no excuse for the lovely ladies not to come now.

    The firewood has been piled up and ready to go ... so there will be a big, toasty warm fire for the evening's socialising. There's flat, grassy camping ... views to die for ... and the company will be pretty good too.

    Don't want to compete? Put your feet up, grab a book and relax!

    So, polish up your truck ... get packed up ... (the ancient Japanese art 'Zook-Pack-Cram-In' is a well respected art in this club) ... do a quick zoom around the supermarket and tell the kids to PUT DOWN THAT IPAD!

    Head on over to the website to book in ... NOW... if you haven't yet.
    Entry is only $50.00 per vehicle (regardless of how many passengers)

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    Don't miss out on this awesome 40th Anniversary event.

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    40th Anniversary Year - Show and Shine Winner

    Laith Day - Jimny

    40th Anniversary Year

    More about 40th anniversary events throughout the year
    Just click here to see the full program of celebrations for 2016

    More about the Club

    The Suzuki 4 Wheel Drive Club of New South Wales Inc is a four wheel drive, camping and bush touring club. It promotes driver skill, bush craft, physical fitness, mechanical ability and all-round resourcefulness. Like any other outdoor form of recreation, we promote an appreciation of the environment, and the responsibility for looking after it.

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  • What if I don't drive a Suzuki?

    Xl7 in sandDiscovery Don't drive a Suzuki! That's OK we accept members with all makes of 4WDs. It's all about fun, the bush and getting out on trips!