• Membership

    Full Membership

    After you have completed your Driver Awareness course, and upon being accepted into the Club, you can join as a full member. Full membership offers you the same benefits as a provisional member plus:
    • Entitles you to vote during club elections or on any major decisions
    • Be a trip leader and run your own trip
    • Opportunity to stand for a committee position
    • Access to discounts on parts, servicing, camping equipment through the use of the club membership card

    Membership Types

    Single for singles/individuals and their children under 16 (1vote)

    Family for couples and their children under 16 (2 votes)

    Corresponding Membership
    This type of membership is only available to members who live more than 200kms from Sydney. Corresponding Members have full access to the members website and club magazine or newsletter but can only attend trips as a guest and do not have any voting rights


    To renew your club membership you will need to fill out the renewal form and make a payment.

    Simply fill out one of the renewal forms. The online version will be sent automatically and the download version will need to be printed, filled in and given back to the membership officer (email, post, or at a meeting)

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  • What if I don't drive a Suzuki?

    Xl7 in sandDiscovery Don't drive a Suzuki! That's OK we accept members with all makes of 4WDs. It's all about fun, the bush and getting out on trips!