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Thread: Zukana 2018

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    Zukana 2018

    I received a message from Aleisha from the Illawara Suzuki Club about the possibility of a Zukana in 2018 at that Bylong Creek 4wd park. She said she messaged the club webpage but received no reply. This is the message she sent;

    Hello, Im writing to you in regards of next years Zukana. Could i make a suggestion for the possible location Bylong Creek 4x4 park is fantastic. We went there last month and a few of us think it would be a great spot to hold the Zukana 2018 it has a lot of space and potential for activities. Many different types of terrain and big play areas. Cheers Aleisha (Illawarra Suzuki 4wd Club member)

    Thought I'd pass it on here for discussion and suggestions I guess. I replied to her about that other place out that way, Central West 4wd park as a possible alternative.

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    I'm happy for either Central West 4wd Park or Bylong Creek.

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    I'll print out Aleisha's note and bring it along to the next meeting as correspondence in.

    Thanks Jyri.

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    Bylong creek is a far distance to travel for a weekend


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