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Thread: Hit a Roo

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    Angry Hit a Roo

    It was bound to happen eventually that I'd hit a roo and on Saturday night driving back from a fish out on the lake one connected with my bar. I slowed down when I saw it on the side of the road but it decided to jump out in front of me. Hit it bang on the front of the bar. It sorted of wobbled to the side then hopped off and I couldn't see it when i went back to have a look. Certainly felt it inside when I hit it. Tough big bugger. Hopefully it didn't break any bones.

    Anyway it busted my spotlight mounts and cracked my front grill. I had to go back and look for one spottie in the grass by the side of the road, the other was hanging off the wires.

    Seems to have bent the mounts on the back of the lights when I inspected them yesterday. Contacted Opposite Lock where I got them from to ask if they had spare mounts but they said the lights were stuffed as you can't replace the bracket on back of the light.. Thought about bending/hammering them back to shape but not sure if they'll hold securely if I do.

    First roo I've ever hit. Had some near misses but driving out near lake Eucumbene just after dusk is a sure fire way of encouraging a hit.

    I guess it could've been a lot worse but I miss my spotties driving at night. Don't know if it's worth going through insurance to get a hit on premium and pay the excess.

    Anyway the search for new lights takes place. Any recommendations? Had HID lights on but are LEDs better? Can I reuse the wiring if I went for LED lights?


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    Bugger isn't it. I was involved in a bit of discussion awhile back re bull bars on Jimnys. I don't use one, with all the other heavy duty gear I have on it, I feel they're just too heavy. Soon after, I hit my first 'roo and did about 2,500 worth of panel damage.

    I still won't be putting a bar on the Jimny though, I'll take the risk based on 1 hit in 40 + years and I don't want the weight. But I do have a bar on my much larger 4wd because hitting a 'roo sooner or later, I guess, is almost assured and that one tows my van. Don't want to be disabled in the boonies with a van in tow.

    Glad you got some protection from the bar.

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    That's bad luck Jyri. Looking at the photos of the mount on the light I don't see why they can't be replaced. It's a bolt on bracket. If the light itself is ok .......

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    Hey Chris. Yeah lights still work which is why I wanted to replace the mount. Well one worked as it was still on when it was hanging from the wire. Should check the other one.

    I'll have to look more closely to see if they can be removed but it looked like they were riveted on or something and then not sure if mounts like this are available off the shelf somewhere.

    Probably built in design obsolescence so when something like this happens you have to buy a new light.

    I know what you mean Wayne. In 28 years I've only ever hit the one so it is a game of chance. Odds are slim it happens but driving at night in the country certainly increases the risk of a hit. Not sure xrox is that great a roo bar anyway especially if it hits on the corner. Headlights are exposed and the wing bar work might bend.


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